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Modified Jeep TJ worth it in GTA airsoft games?

If I were to take my Jeep TJ and modify it for airsoft, would it be utilized at games in the GTA community?

The plan:

-stripping paint, repainting dark matt green.

-Removing back seats (for games) and machining a upright gunner's harness that faces out the rear of the vehicle. (this of course would not be higher then the roll bar for safety)

-mounting an M60 to the gunner's position so it can have 180 degree arc.

-removing doors and front windshield for games. Allowing the occupants to be shot easily. This makes it less a tank and more a vulnerable scout vehicle.

-Extending the wheel base to cut the rollover chances down to almost none (considering I wouldn't be blasting through fields with it. 30 km/h will be the max it should ever go, anything more leaves too little room for error)

As for usage, I wouldn't restrict it's use to Section Nine team members only, and would gladly allow other players to use it during games.
However I would be the only one driving it, and I think that's a given.

Let me know your thoughts, as I would love to implement this in games here in the GTA airsoft community.

All comments welcome. Think this is a really bad idea? Feel free to express that. Just looking for constructive input, both for and against.

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