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Ive got a project going on, im building myself a custom DMR with G&P Externals, internals yet to be chosen, altho I do already have a G&P M170 Devil Jet High Torque Motor.. Anyways to the question, If I have a DMR what is the limit of FPS Im allowed on it, or can i qualify it as an all out sniper rifle, im not going to be using the full auto very much, its going to be a semi auto rifle.... Thanks for the info!
There is bolt action certification, using a rifle in semi with occasional full auto fire doesn't exactly strike me as a sniper rifle.

Many bolt action users are under 400fps anyways, no real reason to go over that limit. If your using a dmr you have the capability to do long range and medium range combat, with significantly greater fire power over a Long range only bolt action weapon, and bolt actions really dont have any major benefits in range or accuracy over a quality dmr build. If you have chosen a designated marksman rifle, embrace the marksman role, snipe to your hearts content and stay active in firefights.
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