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Orange Flash-hiders won't do anything. They're aware of the fact that nearly the entire population of orange-tipped gun owners paints the tips black or removes them altogether. No?

The Labour force is equivalent to our Liberals... more or less.
The only thing we can do to stop this "pussyfication" is to go Conservative.

With the 18+ all over this forum, we're all old enough to vote so I say donate 30$ to the Conservatives to become a member of the CPC and vote for your local Conservative when the next election comes rolling around.

Obviously I understand that a crooked politician will always be a crooked politician, and honest isn't the name of their game, but as it stands, Airsoft (and Anything potentially harmfull) has the best chance with the CPC.
No more Gun Registry, no more banning of dogs, no more bullshit...

IMHO anyway.
Glock Glock... Who's there?
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