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Some newbie quesitons on starting up

Hey everyone, I have a few questions that I need help.

First off, where can I play? I live in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and it doesn't look like Flagraider's does this anymore, but I could be wrong.

What are a few different online retailers? I know of Buy Airsoft, but looking in the newbie stickies it says I should know who won't rip me off (i.e. ACTUALLY located in Canada)

What type/quality of gun should I be looking for? I'm not sure what style I want to play, although I am not afraid to get up close and personal (will definitely consider shotguns/smg's). My price range is not very high, so I am looking for something that is a solid beginner gun without all kinds of fancy parts. I don't plan on playing often so it is important to keep the price very reasonable.
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