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Haha I think that you guys took my friends handling my gun comment too seriously. I was mostly just kidding. They may be stupid but they're not children.. lol.

So I guess I will be searching for an affordable AEG. Probably gonna grab a Velocity Arms M4, unless the King Arms M4 I was looking at is still on sale for the same price. Checked out the classifieds.. not much selection. Plus, I don't want to buy other people's problems.

Thanks for the help guys!

PS- It shocks me that they simply haven't put the spring sniper mechanism in other bodies. I wouldn't say that a mustang to a smart car is analogous of a sniper to an M4.. If products like what I was looking for don't exist, maybe there's some room for us to fill that void. If anyone's interested in starting a business where we put the spring-powered power of sniper rifles into other styles of guns, let me know! lol
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