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haha canadian tire! Christ, if the tri-shot and c11 never got the ok by CDN_stalker we could all just blow this off!

Super cereal here bud. I had a few friends that got permission to play in a couple of churches with springers. Fun in thought, sucks in reality. Cock and shoot means getting shot. Especially if everyone has aeg's. Think this through, would you want to be out gunned with no advantage? Thats a bolt action for ya. Maybe some extra range if your certified and even then, can you stop a five man charge with your extra 40ft of range?

Crappy tire measures the fps with .12g bbs. That should make you run. Run fast. See the certified BA users have very heavy ammo to stay true. When you shoot a .4g bb you need 450 fps just to shoot out as far as the rest of the players.

Go get a cheap entry level AEG. Get cansoft if you don't know how you'll like it. AND DO NOT LET YOUR FRIENDS HANDLE UNLESS YOU PLAN TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!
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