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Thank you R.I.T.Z. and Ghostrecon for being the only people with something constructive to say! I appreciate it.

Honestly, I may be mistaken here, but how can a number of you compare pellet guns to airsoft guns? I mean, how does the FPS of one compare to the other? And the ammunition? Get real. I don't want a pellet gun, I want an airsoft gun. There's a reason they call it airSOFT. For someone who's a newb at this I seem to grasp this concept better than a lot of you.

Thanks to those of you who have contributed.. I see what you are saying. You get what you pay for and if I don't want something that will break in a week I'm going to have to spend some cash, which I'm cool with. Just wanted to make sure that was my only option. I will check out classifieds for AEGs as that is what I originally wanted. I also considered a sniper rifle, but an M4 replica is my top choice.

If the M4 plan falls through I'll look into a spring sniper rifle. My initial thought was that if they could put that kind of power into a spring sniper, why can't I find the same mechanism in an M4? Just doesn't make sense to me. I want a $300 / 350FPS / Spring / M4. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is!

Thanks for the help guys!
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