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ive only been to a handfull of games most having a sniper i myself run a dmr and have never been told no i can't play because of the type of gun im running and have never heard of anyone vetoing a BA

DMR is "usually" a softer shooter then a sniper if even by a few fps. Also vetoing snipers is quickly gaining momentum as more and more people get hit from a sniper within 50 ft. From personal experience i can safetly say that getting hit up close from a sniper hurt like hell, and a dmr (depending on the rules where you play) are generally inbetween the fps limits of snipers and aeg's.

And back to the main question. If you want an airsoft rifle under $300, go to canadien tire. If you want something you can take to a game or actually have fun with at a range more then 10 feet accuracy then your going to need to spend at least closer to 400. I have an AEG M4 from G&G that shoots 360 fps (average +/-10fps) and that cost approx $350 before tax from Cabelas. Some airsoft shops are overpriced so look around. If you are above the age of 18 and can prove it then go to a local shop or even check online. BUT a word of warning, even with a clear bottom or clear parts a police officer wont notice a 4 inch section of clear plastic when your holding it. So dont be stupid and learn respect for firearms. You will feel real stupid going to the hospital to get a bullet picked outa your body because you made a stupid move with an officer around.

So a quick summary. Snipers suck and are being vetod more and more for new players until you have experience. An airsoft rifle of anysort under 300 is generally a complete P.O.S. Spend an extra $100 for a good quality weapon(NOT TOY) that you can actually use and enjoy that wont break in the first hour. And if you do actually want a TOY, then visit toys'r'us they have a good selection of nerf toys availible to the warrior in all of us. (although usually meant for people of a younger age).

Being a big boy means big toys.
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