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you will not find a good m4 spring rifle. if you are just plinking get a crossman crappy tire special.
Get yourself AV'd and pick up a cheap aeg off the classifieds, if you are dead set on spring, pick up a cheap sniper rifle (however do not expect to attend any games as a sniper)

Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
A plastic BB won't break the skin, just leave a welt?

Ahem, WRONG!!!

Nuff said, I've gotten enough 20min bleeders to the face over the years I piss all over this assumption. And I won't even post the pics of guys over seas who have airsoft BBs imbedded in their skin...........

And if you are looking for something comfortable to hold, I never found M4s or any Armalite comfortable to hold for me, real steel or airsoft, I just don't like the feel of them.
there was a guy up here who had to get a BB yanked out of his earlobe with a leatherman
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