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If you're going to to backyard plinking only and don't plan to attend any game, you should just get a pellet airgun. They're much more precise, more powerful, much less expensive, more everything else.

For age verification it's all in the forum's FAQs.
I have looked into pellet guns, but am not interested in metal BBs and have not come across an M4 style pellet gun for an affordable price. I want something that I will feel comfortable letting my friends hold, and a pellet gun is not one of them.. lol

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
If you want something cool go with the CX4 Storm and a PAL or the under 500FPS version if you don't have a PAL.

If you want something good then I have to swear by Anschutz, the 900X series is definitely sexy but will set you back probably around $3.5K. The 800X series at minimum will be $1.5K and I've seen them for $2.5K before. Anschutz also makes an "AiR-15" in .177 which might be good but again will set you back $2K at minimum.
I checked out the CX4 -- looks pretty sweet. I will probably look more into this. As for the others, my main issue with getting an AEG was the pricetag. $3500 is kinda moving in the wrong direction.. lol
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