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Not all veteran players likes to upgrade their airsoft guns

Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Again the problem arises that if you buy an ARES, it's always going to be an ARES.
Veteran players don't want stock guns, they want GOOD, UPGRADED guns.
Unless ARES can make and install internals that are on par with prometheus and ARS, there's no point in keeping things proprietary.

Would you buy an aftermath Kraken for a hard gaming, 24 hour op, primary weapon?
I played airsoft since 1990's, I am busy at work and family. So I focus more on airsoft which is reliable and performs well right out of the box, as I believe it is the way things should be.

And from my experience, if you stick to good brands, it is best to keep them in their stock form, rather than opening them up too often.
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