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"I see this as all the more reason to get another gun"

Don't tempt me. I've spent enough on airsoft for a while. Startup costs aren't kind. doesn't help that I keep seeing very nice things for sale every time I log on here, either. XD

Spring change it is, then. Thank you for the advice, everyone.

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Spring change, the velocity reducer doesn't work if you full auto (inherent drawback to the design). Also some places won't allow you to use velocity reducer because of those drawbacks in design, wearing out, and because if you shoot fast enough in semi it also doesn't work.

Hell, I see this as all the more reason to get another gun That said I only got another rifle because one popped up in the classifieds for a great price. So scour those classifieds and see if there's something you like for a cheap price. Have one outdoor gun and have one indoor gun. Either that or pickup a cheapo Kraken Kurz, swap springs to an M90 or SP85 and rock the indoor fields.
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