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Age Verification in Markham/Scarborough at Walk-in store?

Hey all,

I'm interested in getting age verified. I have contacted about 5 people on age verification in Markham, ON and only one had PM back. All of the age verifiers i sent messages too read my PM, but just disregarded and didn't rely back. I don't know if I said something wrong or insulting, but im sure I didn't. I understand people live lives outside of this forum, but it has been about two weeks and I know these individuals are active members of this forum.

One of the age verifiers, kind enough to message back had told me to meet up at the wild water kingdom game. Unfortunately i was not able to meet at a game because I was busy with thanksgiving with family.

I was wondering if there was any airsoft retail store in the Markham/Scarborough, Ontario area where I may drop by and get age verified by an airsoftcanada verifier who is employed there?

I wanna message the verifiers again, but I don't want to seem to eager. Anyways, thanks for the help!!!!
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