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Spring-Powered M4?

So, despite my last thread, I decided to look into spring airsoft rifles.
Although I really wanted electric, I can't justify getting a gun like that as I will be using it to shoot around at home and at the cottage.

I have been looking for a good quality (reliability, power, etc) spring-powered M4 style rifle. The only one I've come across is the Crosman Stinger R34. It has received mixed reviews from what I've seen and I was hoping for something more powerful / accurate. However, I can't seem to find any other options.

If anyone knows about any high quality, high powered spring rifles, please direct me to their site or any information at all.

I have also looked into spring sniper rifles, which I am considering, however it would be great if their quality / power could be found in an M4 replica.

PS- would like to be age verified!
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