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Originally Posted by Skruface
Originally Posted by FOX_111
they will get around it like we do.

If they can't... well, they are not far from France, wich is a big airsoft playing country.
The French play airsoft? When they get together for a game, do they just toss down their AEG's and walk off the field? Or do they all just carry some kind of white flag?

Joke, understood, but

Well you know the French dominated Europe for hundreds of years.. Ever hear of the Frankish Empire?

they won the hundred years war against England,

It is unfair to perpetuate the steriotype of the cowardly French , based on their capitulation in the face of Blitzkrig in WW2. There was not an army on the planet in 1939 than could have done any better, America included.

Balanced across history the French have kicked ass for a very long time.
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