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Originally Posted by swatt13
I help operate a paintball field and our lawyer stated the same, any real lawyer coudl burn that waiver in court. the only good it does is (for the less educated people who dont know this), deteres them from starting anything legal against you.
That all depends on the case. If negligence is involved, no matter what you put in the waiver, its going to be hard to defend, even if you state in the waiver that you're not responsible for negligence. But again, that depends on the merits of the case.

I do corporate contracts and have defended them in court in the past and I can tell you that if your case has no merit, it doesn't much matter how good your lawyer is, it will get tossed. Despite the encroachment of the American legal-liability circus, Canadian courts are still relatively smart when it comes to this stuff.

Originally Posted by swatt13
but ya its the same insurance as for a paintball or even lazer trek field i think, and like was said earlier, it has to be a ltd corporation so your not liable only the name of your business. its dooable though, and very rewarding.
Keep in mind about 3 or 4 years ago they changed 'limited liability' corporations so that directors can be sued now. After the stock market build up and melt down and scandles like ENRON, the laws were changed so that there is always someone at the end of the line to go after when things go wrong. And if its negligence, you can always be sued personally as well as through your employing entity. I own 50% of a limited liability company and we started carrying liability insurance 3 years ago, both corporate and directors (personal).
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