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Pretty much as I said, sniper certs really only ends up as bragging rights only, nothing more, the field owner (and more often than not, ignores any certification and makes everyone stick within the limits regardless of experience). So the entire thing is a moot point.

Anyone know my sniper certifications besides the obvious ones? Not likely, because I don't plop it in my sig here. I enjoy the level I have and the respect I get, but I didn't get any of that based upon my certification status.......... I got it from respect on the field and being safe and highly effective as a sniper, you don't need to take a course to get that kind of level amongst the community. Mind you, as I stated, taking a course DOES fast track you to being trusted to not hurt anyone on the field, so is a reason to tak the course, but don't think it's a requirement to take a course to be able to use a rifle on the field. Besides, most AEG users are much more dangerous than any upgraded BA user since they are more likely to take close shots out of reaction, or they just don't know what damage their AEG can do. Personally I'd rather a guy shoot me at 100ft with a 0.36g BB flying at 400fps (500fps w/ 0.20g) than a noob using a 400fps AEG shooting me at 40- 60ft, one is controlled and likely aimed at mag pouch or other padded area, the other........... you'll feel it for days, especially if shot in the face.

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