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The GASL Genesis Project...your input please

Hello All,

Having spent my first year in this great sport, I have come to realize that a substantial quantity of us playing would appreciate a slightly different approach to groups, memberships and the game in general. What I propose is the creation of a "Gentlemen's A/S League". To describe the concept best I should start by listing what it is not;

The GASL is not;

1. An elite group of battle hardened war fighters
2. Exclusive of any other team, group Or organization
3. Open to those under the age of 18
4. Governed or controlled by any individual
5. Tolerant to abusive, derisive or socially inappropriate behavior
6. Aligned, associated or attributed to any individual airsoft group or individual

As of this writing, what I propose the GASL to be will be a direct reflection of what members will contribute in a 100% democratic fashion. It will be meant to change and evolve with the times and the sport in general. I believe that it it should become, through the efforts of members, the single point source of public opinion generation as it pertains to airsoft. In practical terms, a contributory organization that improves the communities in which we all live. This will ultimately serve the best interests of the long term survival of the sport and it's general acceptance in society.

So, and as it stands now, what the GASL is as a starting point is;

1. A fellowship of airsoft enthusiasts that contributes to society, the sport and evolution of the sport in general.
2. Open to all airsoft players over the age of 18, regardless of current team affiliation
3. A lobby group dedicated to improving the status of the sport in the eyes of society
4. A 100% democratic society of airsoft players insofar as group decision making is concerned and where such decisions are made with simple majority (51%) of those in attendance at any particular meeting.
5. A simple and irrevocable understanding that to violate any societal laws means instant and irrevocable ejection from the GASL.
6. A group that actively seeks put new and creative ways to contribute to society and members themselves.
7. A group that endeavors to reduce the costs associated with the sport through combined, large volume purchases with select suppliers.
8. A group of airsofters that, when together at games, does their best to play with honor, integrity and above all else, has FUN!

I now invite everyone interested to post up additional ideas and thoughts as it pertains to the basic concept of GASL.

Thank You.
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