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Originally Posted by Czek View Post
Question, though: Are there any unused guns still in the original box, never opened (for the most part) ever found on the classifieds? I have a strange thing about buying used items, I started getting it last year for some reason, and I just don't have it in me to trust anybody selling used goods. I don't know why!
Yes, there are tons, however you need to be prepared to get something that claims to be brand new in box (BNIB) but actually has a problem, like say, a piston with stripped teeth.

But don't let this scare you. If this happened to me at the beginning, I'd have been in a crazy panic. If this happened to me now, I'd just grab the spare piston I have lying around and toss her in, there are very few gun issues I'd be afraid of fixing now.

You can check my profile for a good idea of how quickly I got to that level of proficiency.. you can do it too

If you really get into this hobby and stick to strictly Marui-compatible stuff you can go from zero to decently-beginner gun doctor in a matter of a few months... It's really not that hard and with the way this forum is and the mountain of information out there (ASR, ASM, Arnie's, YouTube, etc), it's hard for me to imagine how someone would spend more than 6 months in this hobby and somehow manage to avoid soaking up how to work on gearboxes and guns.

Why do I mention this?

The used gun question. You seem like an inquisitive person who is already asking the right questions and gathers opinions and data right off the bat.. You could probably handle it. Yes, to some, used guns are gonna be scary black boxes of mystery, but to the sufficiently-determined beginner, learning how to re-shim or swap a piston or whatever is an easy project spanning a couple nights of tinkering. I personally consider it the only way to do airsoft, since guns need maintenance no matter what, and maintaining them is so damned fun.

That said, I totally agree with the suggestion to get a King Arms M4, which is probably now the cheapest way ($350 - 360) to get on the high quality tier of airsoft guns and have an awesome platform to grow with you. When you get A/V'd, I could suggest a place to find them in addition to the classifieds.
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