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I call them proprietary parts like another people here has called them because they can't be replaced with another aftermarket manufacture parts. The parts I'm referring are common parts e.g. trigger assembly, gearbox, hop-up units, nozzle, and spring guide and etc... Not once did I refer them uncommon unless ARES referred them as uncommon parts. Stores like Ehobby has these parts but unfortunately once they have it in-stock for a day its disappear less than 48 hours and then another 2-3 months wait. That is how much people needs ARES parts for general repairs or even minor upgrades. ARES should just have a webstore for end user to get parts from them if they are not able to ship to dealers.

As for me its not just the hop-up issue, I'll live with the hop-up issue as I just have tendency to modified anything I do not feel have a tight fit as you can say... E.g loose dial gear on hop-up.

But anyway, its not just parts ARES lacks on it also accessories, one individual I know purchased M110 SR25 and not able to get any magazine for it is just odd. I mean you release product but you have to expect at least a gravy amount of magazines for the end user to purchase. I'm not even going to go into details about the gearbox on a M110 having a built in hop-up lol... Didn't we learn anything from STAR?

Thanks, Yuu.

Let me ask this though, other companies that have proprietary parts, do their dealers usually stock them and make them available for purchase? Maybe I'm a little disconnected, but it seems the shops around here only keep general repair parts and will ask that you special order any uncommon parts. Heck my local store is a pretty big KWA dealer, and even when my old KWA went down I had to special order parts to get it fixed up. Do you think asking our dealers to begin stocking some odds and ends parts would make a large difference in regards to our parts support, or would you rather there be a single, centralized website where you can just hop-on purchase any part (by part number) for an ARES gun and have it express shipped to you?
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