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Great post, Kozzie. I will take your advice into consideration as I have taken everyone else's. My plan with gear was basically have the PMC-style loadout. Just near-plain clothes and a chest rig with maybe three mags on it, an admin pouch, and maybe a pistol holster later on. I'd probably keep a utility pouch on my belt above my butt, so I can keep a water bottle or two in there, whatever other items I will need, but not need urgently. I have been planning and planning for months now, and I simply CANNOT wait to start actually collecting my airsoft setup. I'm really excited, but I'll wait until I'm AV'd and can look into a gun on here. Question, though: Are there any unused guns still in the original box, never opened (for the most part) ever found on the classifieds? I have a strange thing about buying used items, I started getting it last year for some reason, and I just don't have it in me to trust anybody selling used goods. I don't know why!
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