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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
I was told once, shortly after buying MC, that at one point when I was hunted and found, when I moved while flanking, I could be seen, but when I stopped and they tried to refocus on me, I wasn't there. Literally, my movement was described as a dotted line. I'd move, they'd see, I'd stand still, I'd disappear. Love the stuff, even though it gets a bad rap from the elites as 'airsoft cam', and since many of the US forces and others have adopted it as issue, the airsoft elites seem rather quiet about it these days. Lol, personally, my last couple years playing, I'd wear khaki, MC, US woodland, CADPAT, whichever I decided to wear based upon what was team related and such. My Drop Zone BDUs seemed to fade to a lighter khaki/tan type colour, compared to the darker MC of what the cheap stuff was, made me kinda disappointed in blowing almost $600 for pants, shirt and smock from DZ..........
LIES! .. we all know the truth! ... you weren't even there... you were in your workshop using Jedi mind tricks on those poor airsofters making them THINK you were there... the vision vanished when you walked to the microwave or coffee maker....

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