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King Arms M4A1 vs. Velocity Arms V4A1 vs. G&G M4 Carbine

Hey Everyone!

I've been doing some research for my first airsoft gun and have narrowed it down to these three choices:

King Arms M4A1
Velocity Arms V4A1
G&G M4 Carbine

Basically, I want an M4 style gun that has the capacity for a number of modifications. The ability to modify a gun is important to me.

I am not a crazy competitive player, more casual shooting with friends and the occasional field. I am largely concerned with reliability and accuracy.

Each gun is between $290 and $310. So this isn't much help with making a decision. If I got the G&G it would be from and if I got one of the other two it would be from an airsoft store where I live (so no waiting or shipping!)

Based on your experience or knowledge of these guns, which would you recommend?

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