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Hi, I'm new on this forum, I live in the US, I thought I would give my opinion about the whole situation.

Basically, that sucks balls. It better not pass, because It'll give other countries ideas. But If it does pass, can't airsoft continue with bright colored replicas? Not that I would want this, I would rather they stay how they are, it would be better than nothing, but I think that would take away the fun of airsoft, and many people would probbably quit.

So anyway, I don't think the US will ban airsoft, although certain states might(there have been rumors of New Jersy banning it) I don't think airsoft has been given too bad of a name here, Police train with airsoft, and there haven't been too many stupid kids pointing them at cops and what not... If it did get banned here, I would shoot myself. I can't live without it, and paintball wouldn't come near replacing it.

Peace out~
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