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Originally Posted by Czek View Post
That MAX looks actually really good. I'm pumped to get a decent G&G then in a year, maybe less, (if I like airsoft) move up to a G&G MAX or something like it. If my girlfriend's birthday wasn't a week before my paycheque-after-next, I'd be getting this gun right away. Looks like I'll probably have a gun within a month. Hopefully earlier, though. Maybe I'll just buy her some really expensive shoes
If you have time then wait to get AV, bigger selection of guns and bigger selection of prices (cheap fixers from say $100, to slightly used guns, to slightly used with upgrades, up to upgraded to the tits sniper rifles for $1500 or SystemA PTW's with real steel stuff for $3K). If you're competent (NB: most people aren't, and if you need to ask about simple mechanical system things then you probably aren't) you could start off with a fixer and fix it, or even have a bigger selection than the standard G&G, and whatever other companies that are common place. Not to say that G&G isn't good (IMO it's a great starter and mid end gun) but instead of just looking at Ford's and GM's once your AV goes through you can look at other brands like Chevy, Toyota, VW, Peugeot, etc.

As for the Hardcorps field, they host wheltfest and their website if you haven't found it is: Not sure about admins or local club leaders but ask around and I'm sure you'll get the help you need. I didn't go to wheltfest this year sadly but from what everyone else tells me it's fun and it's a fun group to play with.
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