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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Sorry I didn't get to read all the previous posts before posting
I'd just like to add in, the whole reason why marui is the standard, and why it will always be the standard is because;
1) They were the first, at least the first to patent the mechbox (proof is TOP uses the bellows because they weren't allowed to make the same mechbox design as marui)
2) The first upgrade parts ever made, were made for the first airsoft guns ever made, the marui.
3) people copied marui's design since the bellows were crap and copyright laws aren't so hot in Hong Kong/China, so new brands were inherently TM compatible
4) The whole upgrade part market is primarily based around the marui standard, 2 dozen profitable upgrade part manufacturers, and half a dozen high quality airsoft manufacturers aren't going to conform to any other standard since it's a waste of money.

As much as this would make things easier, the best way for this company to get more competitive in the market and move forward is to stand behind what they are already making with parts, and customer service. They have to get face time with the customer to ensure that they know when they buy their ARES rifle or gear no matter what happens to it, it's not a lost investment. And this seems to be the resounding answer from all the posts I've read thus far. I also think that if the guys know their internals are being upgraded off the hop, why not sell rifles with better internals for that little bit extra since most customers are going to spend that money anyhow in a lot of cases. This alone will up the QC, and in itself solve a lot of the issues.

I'm looking at getting back into airsoft and ARES has crossed my mind a few times, and I've been looking around and researching. I've owned TM, ClassicArmy, KWA, JG and a few more I can't even remember. The one I liked the best was my KWA, simply because anything that broke I could replace for the most part, and they followed up once I had the part to ensure everything was good again. This alone is golden, and gives the customer cofidence in their product line.

I've found this thread very interesting with all the different oppinions, and I've very glad it hasn't turned into a flame war as all the points made for the most part have been very good.

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Its a good thing stupidity doesnt have mass or whole sections of this board would collapse in and destroy themselves in a stupidity singularity.
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