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Originally Posted by Grimreaper 295 View Post
YUP. I DO!! Hate them that is.

No parts available, no response from Ares directly Z-Shot not able to get a response either. What's not to hate in that? One of the world's most expensive paper weights if you can't fix it no? Someone tell me I'm wrong here, as I'm not one prone to bash unnecessarily, but this has been the source of considerable airsoft grief for me!

I'd further add that unless there is a significant change in the mentality and product availability at Ares HK, then no change down the line will amount to anything other than wasted energy and to further exemplify the lack of understanding, at ANY level, of customer service from Ares themselves. You may just have aligned yourselves with THE worst example of customer service I have seen in years. I'm not even sure how you begin to fix that as they appear to be completely and utterly non-responsive! For our sakes, and yours, I hope I am incorrect and wish you luck.

Can you please give me the date and email address you sent in from?

We had to remove a few people who were non-responsive in the last year, so hopefully this won't be a problem henceforth. But i'll look to see who your email was routed to, and see if I can't do something to help you out.

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