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G&G and KJW made production airsoft guns with clear receivers JUST for Canada. G&G also make their internals TM spec so you can fix them and upgrade them with anything.
It's legal, it's versatile, it can be customized, and in the last 2 years they've started been very reliable out of the box.
One extremely crucial fact is that no manufacturer makes perfect internals. Even the systema PTW has aftermarket upgrade parts. If you can't put performance parts in your AEG, and you're limited to only average quality manufacturer parts, then you are always going to have an average gun. But you can take a G&G, upgrade it with prometheus and ARS parts, now you have a legendary killing machine.
So here G&G has a product that's easily available, affordable, and attractive to both veteran and new players.

More airsoft companies need to be as versatile to the market as KJW and G&G.
I'd say the first thing you have to do back at ARES HQ is conform to tokyo marui standards.
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