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Originally Posted by ZShot View Post
We're exploring the possibilities of an online web-store where you can purchase all the individual proprietary parts for the ARES guns that you can't get in normal stores, helping to try to eliminate the fear of non-existent parts support, and we're going to encourage ARES to hire a few more individuals on their support staff to help cover those of you who never receieved a response email from them just to name a few.
I know I've been turned off on the idea of purchasing an Ares a few times, simply because of the lack of aftermarket or factory parts. An online store is a good first (baby) step.

However, the online store obviously needs to be stocked - having a store that constantly shows parts not being in stock or backordered is no better than a physical store without the same parts. It is obvious that it's the back-end supply issue that is the problem and needs addressing, not the front-end sales/service side. Fix the former, and the latter will fall into place (hopefully, a happy place). While you're at it, also consider providing TUKs and/or higher quality replacement parts for priority parts (e.g., machined steel aftermarket vs cast pot metal stock parts).

Good luck.
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