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That's a good idea, Criollo. I've held M4-style airsoft guns in the past, and I've held MP5's and a couple others, but I've always found that the M4 is the best gun for me. It just seems to fit, and its a really versatile and modular gun. I would definitely go to a game to get AV'd and maybe get some names and emails and stuff.
My plan basically with a gun, was to purchase a G&G M4 Commando, and then if I liked airsoft, I'd maybe sell it and get a SRC GEN4 Pro M4 or something. Something reliable and full-metal.
The G&G line on Buyairsoft is really sh*tty isn't it. I've been reading up a little bit, and I heard that there are like, two or three levels of G&G. The ones on Buyairsoft are the lowest, then 007, then it's TopTech or something like that? I really don't know what I'm talking about here.

Any airsofters in the Okanagan?!
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