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Okay Guys,

Thanks again one last time for all your awesome feedback. We're taking it all to heart and taking it all to Hong Kong. Our goal was to try to get some thoughts from the public both for our own sake and for ARES themselves, and you all certainly pulled through for us. We've gotten tons of awesome feedback from this board and others, a lot which confirmed some of our existing suspicions, and a become aware of a few issues we were never aware of.

Most importantly, We've learned a few things that you've all addressed that need to be done by us and a few things that need to be done at the factory to make a more satisfied customer.

We're exploring the possibilities of an online web-store where you can purchase all the individual proprietary parts for the ARES guns that you can't get in normal stores, helping to try to eliminate the fear of non-existent parts support, and we're going to encourage ARES to hire a few more individuals on their support staff to help cover those of you who never receieved a response email from them just to name a few.

If at any time, you guys have any questions for us, or any comments concerns etc. Don't be afraid to drop us a line via Email, or to get in touch with us Via Facebook (

Thanks again everyone!

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