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A Beginner's First Post; Advice?

Hey, guys. I'm going to hopefully be getting into airsoft in the very near future. I plan to get a G&G M4 Commando as my first starter gun and throw a G&P 30mm RDS on there. Nothing too fancy for a first gun. I'm curious as to whether there is much airsofting going on in the Okanagan area; between Oliver/Osoyoos to about Vernon? For the record, I'm 19, so we don't have to get into a "get legal and THEN come talk to us", because that isn't a problem. Hopefully I can attend a game and get age verified.

Couple questions:
- Is G&G a good starter airsoft company?
- For the Okanagan (British Columbia) area, should I be looking at tan or OD equipment? (I was leaning towards tan, due to the desert classification.)
- Besides a gun and goggles, what else would I need to play an airsoft game? (I would probably pick up some mag pouches, maybe not a vest quite yet, though I have my eye on one.)
- Any tips for a beginner looking to get into the sport?

Hopefully I can get a response or two on this post. Thanks for reading, guys.

- Czek

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