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Forum Question - Alternate Contact?


Wasn't sure whether to drop this in the Newbie Tank or Off Topic, seeing as it's vaguely on-topic, but not strictly pertaining to airsoft, per se. I digress.

So, I'm trying to buy something off someone in the classifieds. All is well and good, I just need his EMT address to get the funds to him, and upon replying I learn that I cannot, and receive a message that his PM box is full and he needs to clear out some space to receive new messages.

Okay. I know why this is happening, but it puts me in a bad spot. Without a name or email listed on his profile, I can't contact the guy outside ASC. The longer I wait now, the more it will seem I just flaked on the sale.

Is there any other feature this site has to contact someone, or is a person notified when their PM box is 100% full? I would really rather not lose this transaction due (and possible gain poor buyer rep in the process) due to technological limitations.

Any and all help is appreciated.
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