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Originally Posted by L473ncy
Well looks like the Brits that like airsoft will have to move out of the country. and I bet this thing can't be good for the action movie industry in Britian. The government will probably have to make some sort of special deal with the movie industry to allow them to use replicas or just make some bull about why they can but we cant. This is probably going to be passed in Canada cause of our close ties to Britian. If the US or Britian passes a law then canada will probably follow suit.
Why would they have to move out? The bill has not even been passed yet. And it only stops the making and importing of Airsoft. If you already own airsoft you can still play etc... Movie Industry in Britain will not change at all. What makes you think it will be passed in Canada? You do know that we are no longer a colony of GB. And the chances of the U.S. BANNING AIRSOFT are about a billion to one.
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