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Echo1 m28....for out of the box performance nothing else out there can touch them. I picked one up from my work (old display model), took it apart and was really impressed with what I found.
-6.03mm tb (actually straight too!)
-3 actual barrel spacers (stake them on the barrel with tape on each side so they don't move)
-adjustable trigger group (length of pull etc)
-100% cloned VSR-10 hopup chamber with good tolerances.
-Fluted outer barrel (sexy as f&%$)
-barrel adapter for a suppressor or flash hider (-14mm), or you could rock the bull barrel look.
-Harris type Bipod, not bad at all, really.
-super heavy duty glass fibre stock (makes a Marui feel like a toy)
I really could go on all day about this gun, as it is just great for a stock gun. With that being said, I did take the gun down to bits to do some tweaking (align hop up, clean barrel really well, new piston O-ring etc), also I had removed the stock spring (520fps!) and exchanged it for a PSS10 spring that settled in around 430fps W/.2g, If you do not do this, kiss you're sears goodbye, OR you could always upgrade with PDI VSR10 sears.
All of this aside, its you're choice, alot of people love there Marui B.A's, (I love mine!!) but there are other options out there that will do the job for a lot less.
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