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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I dunno.... Kind of seems like that Techfast stuff that was a flop IMO. Not saying that company is crap but I've never heard of it before 2 minutes ago and it seems like it's following the same lines of that Techfast stuff.
Techfast has little to no manufacturing capacity of their own. They are strictly a homologation shop (both in installing clear bodies and performing upgrades to 430fps for importation).

Techfast has had its hands on both my Velocity Arms VA36 (it is manufactured by JG, not Techfast) and my G&P Canadian Carbine. My G&P box actually says "TECHFAST LTD custom manufactured for Canada" (we all know Techfast doesn't actually manufacture the G&P rifles either).

The above information was obtained today, straight from the horse's mouth at Velocity Arms.

Hope that helps
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