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I found that Airsoft Retreat was helpful (Sniper's Perch, search for KJW M700) for opinions and things to fix. One guy (Dispatch I think his name was) turned out to be MOST helpful, as he set his up with CO2 as a power source, non-hop up straight barrel, and made his to be a pure target gun, not a skirmish gun. Apparently they tend to come with a 'not straight' inner barrel (looks like AEG barrel fits nicely) and has the "same" hop up unit as the KJW G26. And something about cutting a spring down 3 coils to get the gun into the 450fps range. All this is from reading, and not 100% sure if true at all.

You guys are getting me hot for htis thing as well. I already have a spring M24, but it's getting borrowed a lot by teammates, and am toyig with buying this thing NOW!!! Hey, what's the worst that can happen, I resell? Lol
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