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Originally Posted by Gato View Post
You're just annoyed because your importation methods are less than legal as well.

That's the media for you :P

Either way, I hope they ruin his life, he broke the law, no if, and or but about it. Just be glad the authorities are doing their job :P
I'm just expressing sympathy for the man, I'm not condoning what he did. I've never had any issues importing airsoft myself by following the proper procedures and paying the fees, he clearly did not know how to legally self import. I also don't see how you're qualified to determine the legality of how I import my airsoft stuff. Yeah he's a principal and he should have known better than to break the law. I'm not condoning his actions but it's not like he's smuggling real guns and several pounds of cocaine that he's planning on selling to children.

It's not just airsoft either. I feel the same way about people who get prison time or get slapped with ridiculous fines for possessing small amounts marijuana. Yeah it's illegal but the punishment far outweigh the crime. You should think about that before you wish the worst for someone you don't even know.

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