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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
That being said, I still wouldn't cross with an airsoft gun, unless it was parts with "no receiver", or clear and not a replica. I've heard of people doing this successfully, but more than that I hear of people losing the guns and money. Not to mention if you do try to cross and you even declare them; you'll still probably wind up on "the list". I'd suggest avoiding this. Everytime someone has an incident involving airsoft guns it affects the whole community. The general public doesn't know exactly what it is we do. So bad news scares them, and that makes things harder for us all around.
Why? I've brought Realswords across the border, IN PERSON, for someone I know, he's AVed on here but, like myself, thinks the prices retailers are asking is still bullshit, considering I can legally bring it in myself. The laws are clear, if you meet certain criteria, you can bring certain items in. Simple as that.

P.S. Don't bother PMing me for info on it, the info can be found with a little work, do something for yourselves for once. Also, If you PM me and are not age verified, I'm going to tell you to go fuck yourself.
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Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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