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Well, there really is the gray area. Technically if a gun meets the Canadian airgun legal standards; then it's legal to import. Also technically the CBSA doesn't have to allow it in anyways. Even bringing one across that isn't legal will just get it taken from you. Smuggling is the big picture, if you smuggle anything you'll probably go to jail. It doesn't matter if your smuggling toilet paper. smuggling itself is a felony, not trying to cross the border with something that may be slightly illegal.

That being said, I still wouldn't cross with an airsoft gun, unless it was parts with "no receiver", or clear and not a replica. I've heard of people doing this successfully, but more than that I hear of people losing the guns and money. Not to mention if you do try to cross and you even declare them; you'll still probably wind up on "the list". I'd suggest avoiding this. Everytime someone has an incident involving airsoft guns it affects the whole community. The general public doesn't know exactly what it is we do. So bad news scares them, and that makes things harder for us all around.

As far a supporting Canadian retailers goes. I will buy from anyplace that has the best gear, reasonable prices, and a good set up. If they have that I'll buy from the goddamn moon if I have to. Some Canadian retailers are very good. And I buy from them as much as I can. As well as some importers. But many are not. Overly high prices, lowend airsoft, and badly stocked. Too many try to tell you that what they are carrying is the best, and charge to much for it. This I'm sure has caused people to try and ship guns, or bring guns into the country. To all the retailers that bring in top quality guns, and dont chew our arm off to get them. Thanks.
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