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Looking at Getting a CQB Barrel

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forum,

I have a JG M4 S-System which has the massively hand guard (holds battery) and a standard length m4 barrel. I bought it second hand it is in good shape and has already see some upgrades.

After looking around at pictures of other m4’s I am starting to get bitten by the CQB bug. My question is would it be worthwhile investing the money into a full metal JG m4 or should I look around for a CQB m4 that is for sale. I guess I would be looking at maybe $75-$100ish for the barrel plus new hand guard with PEQ box or a crane stock if I wanted to get rid of the current hand guard. I have seen G&G / G&P CQB m4s go for around $500 which would be my all in price with the gun and barrel.

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