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Originally Posted by leth1337 View Post
385fps on .20s wont get u very accurate shots at range imo. im at 450 and am torn between using .30s and .36s
Pretty sure I saw CDN_Stalker say he runs at about 390 right now and prefers it a lot more than when he ran 450ish. In his ballistics thread he claims that too high of a fps causes too much turbulance, and the sweet spot is about 385. At 385 you get maximum effective range, although it is more affected by wind and is slower.

I have no issue with accuracy using .3, Ive always prided my ability to lead the shot and adjust for any factors that are affecting my shot. Only real issue I have is hitting plate carriers or padding and people not feeling hits, but as long as I hit something soft Ive gotten some kills from ranges that Impressed me.

We will see after the course, might get a spring to do 450 just for windy days or to try it out, but otherwise I am comfortable with the results my current setup produces.
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