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I recently bought a box of green label pmags for my vega forcce m4 sopmod, and i had to hand fit all 10 of them out of the box. they wouldnt feed and had to be pushed forward in the magwell. I had to shim not only the mag catch area on them but the back side of the mag to force them to enguage the hop up tube. they work flawlessly now, but a real magpul pts pmag i can drop in my gun and it"ll feed. you get what you pay for. the green labels weigh like half of what a real magpul pmag does.
Well, fitment of the green labels are hit/miss. Sometimes you have to shim the magwell, or file down the lip, or whatever; sometimes you don't. Really depends on the tolerances/dimensions of the gun.

Same applies to the Magpul mags - my SR25 mags only come in PTS variety (no green labels), but they didn't fit or run smoothly out of the box. They needed serious shots of silly oil and some smoothing of the tracks, and the mag catch needed modifications to actually get the mag to catch and hold - otherwise I could just pull them out without even touching the mag release. Again, it boils down to the tolerances of the gun.

Still, I like both - they both have their place.
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