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Originally Posted by Amoki View Post
I have one as well, and largely agree with this review but with a few addition:

- for mine, the 1X is actually off-centre by about 2 MOA to the right - but get this, during the shift to 4X the reticule shifts to the centre. Fix - pop up front sight and aim with your front sight post when in 1X mode.

- "impact" shift when zoom-unzoom-zoom - but not sure whether this is a mount issue or a sight issue.

- eye-relief on this one is extremely generous however, and is a big step up from the various (airsoft) ACOG I've handled.

To the question of whether this scope is worth it - not really, get the 4X version instead and mount MRD on top and I don't think you will be missing much if you are a "function over form" guy, just make sure you find a 4X Spectre with decent eye-relief.
Just want to add to this, All ACOG (even real ones i've looked through) have shit eye relief, in fact some "shitty" airsoft ones have better eye relief then the real deal. Eotech specters all have GREAT eye relief, My 4x specter is usable up to 7 inches from my eye.
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