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Originally Posted by ValkXB70
The part that bothered me, was the mods are always the ones crushing the "sky is falling" rumors. Now when they are saying that they under investigation from the RCMP, or CSIS, people's ears tend to perk up.

As I stated in the IRC chat, I go under a CSIS review for my security clearance for my job, every 5 years, with a record check every year. If all of a sudden my name is listed as being involved in an illegal activity, I could potentially lose my clearance.

The points being made in the other thread, by ZD, and others were valid. If the ASC rule is read, read, and read some more. Listen to the advice and information given by the vets, and mods. Pulling practical jokes such as "Sorry I had to give out user list" is in poor taste.

That being said, apology accepted, no hard feelings on my end.

ValkXB70 If you are so concerned about the RCMP etc, you probably should know that the system is monitored by various agencies. And although it would be easier for the authorities to pull the ip addresses etc from the board software it's self, with the monitoring devices on the net right now it's not really nessesary.
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