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Originally Posted by SF
Oh, it backfired alright. That's why the thread was yanked & Punisher became the 411 hotline. I am sure it was funny for some but plain scary for others with vision of black helicopter hovering, blinding search light & heavily armed mask gunmen kicking down the doors to seize their airsoft hardwares in the middle of their wet dreams.
The thread was deleted because Jackals asked me to delete it... it was his thread after all. I could care less if it stayed up or not. If people hadn't beleived that Tru had gotten arrested (posted in some random thread about some idiot on ASO?) then we wouldn't have taken it further...

I think that's the third time someone's started the Tru getting arrested joke......

(also, FYI, we have no master list of people's names anyway, including for the verification - some names were collected, but it's only partial, and none of them were stored anywhere centralized, if it was kept at all)
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