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It was more or less done because the gullible and paranoid freak out at least once a year.

This time, the freakout was sparked (by several parties besides mods alone) to pre-empt the panic-attack that would happen eventually this year - just to let you guys know not to freak out so much. This isn't the first time there's been a "Tru's been arrested" joke. Off the top of my head, it's the 3rd attempt.

That's more or less the end of the story. No more, no less.

It doesn't seem to get across when we say "don't worry."

People seem to remember things better when their emotions get raised.

Some people also need to lighten up a bit. When you realize you've been played, laugh it off and loosen up the knot on those panties a bit.

Alright, yeah yeah. stupid prank. We'll plan it out better next time. It was a pure spur of the moment, decided and executed in the time span of 30 minutes plan that didn't go over too well...

For that, I apologize to everybody who was offended on behalf of all of ASC, especially since I added a fair amount of momentum to that rolling ball... :salute:

Just keep in mind that airsoft is still a game and a sport based around HAVING FUN with your friends.

I'll leave "being serious" to my career. The last time I checked, ASC wasn't my career.

Keep it easy, boys.
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