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For some reason Krylon Military spray paint is hard to find at Cdn Tire now - however the Tan spray paint is the *best* flat paint. Use this as a BASE to whatever other colors you want to try. I find the Krylon Tan off a bit in saturation - too much grey.

Use Tamiya or Testors military line spray paints for color variations away from the Krylon military line - some excellent mustard desert yellow or alpha green shades in their lineups. Paint over top of Krylon Tan for good results. You might just have to do some hobby shop crawls to get what you are looking for; best to plan and call ahead unless you like visiting hobby shops.

Testors make a great and cheap CLEAR COAT FLAT - good for covering up semi-gloss and sealing your paintjob - especially the digital patterns.

Hunter Specialties offers camo spray paint kits in 3 color packs - while it isn't permanent, it does take less time to scratch off. After a game or two plus the car rides in the truck you will get that 'ima-operator-an-I-used-muh-gun in 2 rotoz' used/worn look faster. Moar LCF, moar safe zone conversations/blow jobs. Better than fake scratches and wear anyday.
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