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Originally Posted by S_Okita View Post
Id like to tack on a question about maruis, what if any mods are needed for propane?? ive read a lot about people saying you need hi flow valves and enhanced recoil springs etc. otherwise you run the risk of cracking the frame or the slide from the excess pressure. is this all true and if so what upgrades are actually required for my gun to live a full life without breakage?
What you have stated is true for older TM GBB pistols, however beginning with the Sig P226 TM pistols have been able to run propane out of the box with no problems. I owned a stock TM P226 that ran great for three seasons with no issues whatsoever, and that is a common experience. Since then, TM has released the 1911/MEU series of pistols as well as the PX4 Storm, FN Five Seven, and the Sig P226 E2; all of which will run propane just fine out of the box.

I cannot speak knowledgeably about the TM Glock line, perhaps someone else can chime in.
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