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I've not owned any ARES guns myself, but based on reviews and general reports from owners, the story is pretty consistent. They have incredible externals (which are a big selling point), but their internals are sub-par. The biggest issues really are the lack of replacement parts for those proprietary parts.

I have no issues with any company being innovative and producing proprietary parts. The issue I have is companies making proprietary parts and not making replacements available on the market afterwards. It's poor planning on the part of the manufacturer, and shows a lack of respect for customers who will often be stuck with brand new, broken products that they have no recourse for in terms of repair.

While I agree a lot of the bitching and hating you see on the Internet is pointless and retarded at best, one must remember that where there's smoke, there's usually fire, or a fire about to ignite. You can ignore most internet troll posts. In this case, there's a real issue with ARES on 2 fronts. The problem has been clearly identified by many users in a coherent fashion.

The first is their sub-par quality of internal parts. This is no secret or mystery. Their internals break easily compared to most other brands. Usually, this isn't much of an issue for other industry-standard brands. It requires a small investment in good after-market parts and the gun is back up and running better than ever. That's not a possibility with the problem parts with ARES, that are all proprietary. And the fact that ARES don't make those parts available on the market and are unresponsive to both their end users and their distributors about the availability of replacement parts compounds the problem.

If I were in the shoes of a national-level supplier / distributor like ZShot and was dealing with such an unresponsive company, I'd be dropping their product line completely for self-preservation. I don't care how innovative a product is. If support form the manufacturer is non-existent and the product line is known to have shoddy parts, that leaves the distributor / retailer in a hard spot taking the flak and losing business as a result. It's not a good situation to be in, and I wouldn't do that to my own business.

So in the end, speak with your wallet. Stop buying / selling ARES until they address their issue of shoddy parts and availability of replacements. It's really that simple. When they see sales taking a nose-dive, perhaps they'll revisit their practices and policies and perhaps improve their parts and make replacements available.
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